About Us

What exactly are we?

Cricket Addiction serves as a one-stop-shop for cricketing news, with the primary goal of being the first to deliver it.

Passionate young people have been contributing to the success of the digital medium. Our objective is to give news that is free of any artificiality.

We take great pleasure in announcing the New IPL Team since our goal is to keep our valued readers up to date on current events in the cricketing world.

In what do we truly believe?

In a word, clarity of text is our priority and objectivity means no bias.

Furthermore, it serves as a forum for aspiring journalists who want to pursue a career in sports media to demonstrate their abilities.

We are excited to strive to give the essence of gentleman’s game cricket through a fair writing spirit.

Why are we here?

The goal is to deliver the best because we travel so much while working with such integrity and expertise.

To produce the best possible results and to ensure long-term viability, we collaborate effectively as a team to make it even better by feeding the numbers to our essential audience.